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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sign Up for Our News List

Just updated the site to include a new form for signing up for the Cloud 13 Records News List right here on the contact page. Check it out and sign up today to get breaking Cloud 13 news mailed right to your email inbox.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cloud 13 Records Jukebox Gadget

If you're an iGoogle homepage user, now you can enjoy the latest tunes from Cloud 13 Records artists without ever leaving your homepage with the Cloud 13 Records Jukebox Gadget.

Add this little gadget to your iGoogle homepage and get instant, up-to-date access to high-quality streams of music from artists featured in the Cloud 13 Records catalog and on the Fertile Compilation--not to mention exclusive sneak previews of forthcoming releases, unreleased tracks and more.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Live Pics from Heavy Rainbow Pre-Release at Warehouse

As promised a while back, here are some pics from the Soft Targets local CD pre-release party for "Heavy Rainbow" back at the end of September, featuring Soft Targets, The Ums and Wylee Wrathbone. Enjoy!

Soft Targets

The Ums

Wylee Wrathbone

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Official Tangemeenie Blog! And "The Gilded Age" Project

More big news! (Whizz, bang!!!) The SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! Well, no, not exactly. Though the stock market did take a big tumble today. But more importantly, Cloud 13's Tangemeenie is launching a new Blog (conveniently located at, and at the same time, the daring duo is embarking on an exciting new multimedia adventure/recording project called "The Gilded Age".

The new blog will feature updates on the group's progress on the new recording project, production notes, amusing personal anecdotes, and most importantly, exclusive free mp3 downloads of tracks from the forthcoming CD at various stages in the recording process--all of which will culminate in Tangemeenie's attempt to make DIY history by being the first band on earth to produce and manufacture a commercial-retail quality CD using only a single personal computer (well, and some musical instruments and external devices).

Head on over to the Official Tangemeenie Blog(TM) today and let us know what you think. The blog will be updated at least on a monthly basis, with more frequent updates possible, so either subscribe here to get updates sent straight to your browser when they arrive, or check back frequently to see what's new.