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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Big Changes in Store at Cloud 13

It's been a while since this news has been updated, but ironically, that's because so much has been going on. The Ums are gearing up for the winter national release of the "Men of Science" EP, and we couldn't be more excited.

The Ums have begun working with Fanatic Promotion for this release, and we've got high hopes this will be the release that finally puts our boys over the top. The Ums, meanwhile, are busily working on yet another release, which I believe is nearing completion. One of the guys from Stillwood is helping them produce that.

In other Cloud 13 related news, our old friends the Soft Targets have just completed and are gearing up to release what could easily be one of the finest indie records of the decade. Notably, this will be their first release to feature a song written and sung by bassist, Nate Sadler, as well as one written and sung by Steve Gillespie (also of The Ums). Seriously, this record is going to be amazing, and I say that even though it likely won't be released on Cloud 13. The group is currently shopping the album around.

Also, congratulations to distant Cloud 13 friend, Laura Minor. Though Laura isn't exactly a member of the Cloud 13 family, she's given us a lot of short-run duplication work over the years, and is a long-time friend of the label. Her latest album was recently picked up by Atlanta, GA's Stickfigure Records. Her previous record on Hightone Records, Salesman's Girl was a huge success, and we wish her continued success in the future.

And finally, Cloud 13 is currently looking into some exciting new options for revamping how we handle our on-demand sales. These changes, if we decide to go forward with them, will ensure that we're in a good position to handle the increased demand that comes with growth and to maintain a high-level of consistent quality service to our customers. We're growing a little too quickly now to keep handling every on-demand CD order in-house--especially since we still want to have some time left for making music!--but hopefully, we've recently found a solution that will allow us to continue to grow as much and as quickly as we need to without sacrificing the benefits of our unique on-demand approach to CD production. I'll explain in more detail just what all this means in the very near future.