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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Heavy Rainbow Sneak Preview

BREAKING NEWS: For a limited time only, in anticipation of the Soft Targets’ local CD release party (September 28th at The Warehouse with The Ums and Wylee Wrathbone), the Cloud 13 Records’ Jukebox is proud to feature exclusive streaming audio of all 13 uncut tracks from the Soft Target’s new full-length, “Heavy Rainbow”! This exclusive sneak preview will be available only through Cloud 13 Records.

So drop by the Cloud 13 website ( any time between Sept 22nd and Sept. 28th, click on the Jukebox icon in the upper right-hand corner of the menu, turn your computer speakers up, and then just sit back and enjoy a sneak preview of these long-awaited recordings. Then if you happen to be in or near the sleepy little town of Tallahassee at the right time, drop by the Warehouse, pick up an advance copy of the disc from the band themselves, and congratulate the boys on a job well done, because “Heavy Rainbow” is a remarkable accomplishment: An ambitious modern pop record that finds this talented trio exploring bold new directions without sacrificing what’s always made them great, with producer Tim DeLaney (The Swimming Pool-Qs, Kopernik) back at the helm.

And there’s plenty of more cool stuff coming up soon, too: As we’ve announced before, we’re winding up for the national release of The Ums “Men of Science” EP in Winter 2007. We’ll announce the “official” release date in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we’ve just been given a sneak preview of The Ums next project, entitled “Sleepytime,” and we were blown away, so we can’t wait until you get a chance to hear it, too. “Sleepytime” is unlike anything The Ums—or for that matter, anyone—has done before: A multi-part song-cycle that runs uninterrupted for twenty minutes from beginning to end, weaving together musical movements—perfect mini pop gems—that ultimately come together to breathtaking effect. “Sleepytime” is The Ums’ most ambitious and accomplished project yet and we can’t wait until you get to hear it.