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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cloud 13 "In the Lyon's Den"

Check out this recent interview I did with Capital Culture Magazine's Dan Lyons (Note: I recently replaced the original, expired link with a link to the Google cache of the page). The interview will be included in the forthcoming issue of Capital Culture Magazine. This issue focuses on the music scene in Tallahassee, Florida, and should be a fine introduction to those who don't already know how much Tallahassee has to offer in that department.

Also noteworthy: I added a couple of new tracks from Tangemeenie's forthcoming "The Gilded Age" full-length to the Cloud 13 Jukebox. The new tracks are entitled "Left Hand/Right Hand" and "King of Flesh and Bone." For more information about these tracks from "The Gilded Age" and other downloads/streams from Tangemeenie, be sure to check out the Official Blog of Tangemeenie.